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Schizophrenia and Carpet Sharks by MrDinks
Schizophrenia and Carpet Sharks

I had the distinct pleasure to write a guest article for Psychology Today on Schizophrenia and some of the lesser known facts and misconceptions brought on by the media and pop culture. I had a bunch of fun writing it and I even got to draw a picture to go with it!…

The Quest for Alls Hallow's Treats by MrDinks
The Quest for Alls Hallow's Treats

As the full moon rises

On Halloween night,

The ghosts are all haunting

As the witches recite

Magic spells that will help them

Take their All Hallows flight.


There’s a devil amongst them

To help in their quest,

To make sure there is candy

For all of the guests

Who’ll knock on your door

With the ultimate test.


“Trick or treat!” they will cry

As you open the door.

It seems like great fun

But it is so so much more.

See, the treats are an offering

To the beasts of old lore.


If you’re stingy with candy

And they don’t get a treat,

A trick will be coming

That’s the opposite of sweet.

They’ll fly through your house

And cast spells on your feet!


And if still there’s no candy,

No treat to be had,

It makes the old monsters

Even more mad.

They’ll come from the graveyards

And bring all kinds of bad.


And so this is why,

The three that you see,

There’s Randy the ghost

And the devil Petey,

And, of course, there’s a witch

Named Abigail McGee


Each must bring candy

To the monsters of old,

Until the day comes

That’s long been foretold,

When the monster’s return

In a sight to behold.

All Hallow's Teaser by MrDinks
All Hallow's Teaser
I did this as a sort of teaser for the official Halloween illustration I'm working on. The idea came from several suggestions, then I took inspiration from one of my favorite Halloween cartoons and threw in my old pals Abigail and Randy (The devil kid is new so I'm compelled to give him a name and a story before the month is out) and it all fell together nicely.
Moon Adventure Painted by MrDinks
Moon Adventure Painted
I began a series of sketches awhile ago I called The Adventure Sketches. Each one was meant to be a moment during an adventure but only insinuated the characters or the overall story. The idea was to give kids the opportunity to make up who these characters were and what great adventure they were on. In a sense, I was aiming to have children create whole worlds and stories in a single image. I did this because I realized that children these days don't use their imaginations like they used to. Everything is handed to them on phones and computers. They don't grab a stick and see a thousand different magic weapons it could be or tie blankets around their necks and go in search of innocence to save or monsters to battle. This ability, while it may seem silly and childish, is terribly important when it comes to creativity, intelligence and critical thinking and I really hope to one day put a book together to inspire more parents to show their kids that their are whole universes inside their heads if they just allow themselves to walk through that door before it disappears....
Ok, guys and gals!! If there's ever been any of my drawings or work that you thought to yourself, "That would look damn fine hangin' up on my wall!!" or "I bet everyone would be SUPER impressed if I had a Kevin Nordstrom original!!" or you just really wanted me to draw something for that special someone in your life, well now's the time!! Here is all of my commission info as well as prices for prints of ANY of my existing work found here in my gallery!

Prices by MrDinks

Well ladies and dudes I've got my Facebook page up and running. I'll be posting lots of works in progress as well as updates on my much-loved Bud-A-Bean & Mr. Dinks project. If you're excited, bored or just really really wanna be awesome be sure to stop in and check me out.... in a totally non-stalker like way of course.

Also be sure find all your friends, family, neighbors and even that creepy guy who stands behind you breathing heavily in the super market and tell them all to like my page and maybe hit me up for a commission or two.

Take care, kids and I'll see you all on the inter-web.

All the best.

Oh, here's the link! I think you need that and stuff  --------------->

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